Requesting an appointment?

To book, confirm or cancel an appointment with your family physician, please call us at 407-237-0900. When booking an appointment it is important to give the receptionist the reason for your appointment to help your doctor prepare for your visit. Your reason will also allow us to schedule the appropriate length of time needed for certain appointments.

We suggest you arrive a few minutes prior to your appointment to allow our front reception to check you in and or to complete any necessary paperwork or to answer any questions you may have.

Always bring your health card and be ready to present it to the receptionist or you may be subject to service fees. The government will not cover medical services for anyone without a valid health card. Please remember to update any address or contact information with us so that we are able to contact you to reschedule appointments, inform you of results or request a follow up visit as per the direction from your family doctor.

We advise you to call in the morning in an effort to better secure a same day appointment.

Please note that when calling our reception line that our receptionists are not trained or qualified to answer your health questions. Unless at the physicians request and direction a receptionist cannot give you any results from your record. If you have health concerns we will book you into the next available appointment time.

Walk In Medi Care Clinic welcomes all referrals. Please reach us at 407-237-0900