Prescription Refills

Currently our office receives a large volume of faxes and calls daily for medication refill requests.

Requests for refills require planning on your part. Please avoid waiting until you are out of your medicine before calling us. Plan ahead and call us three (3) business days in advance. Refill requests can take up to 48 hours to process.

We take our responsibility of providing you with medication very seriously and encourage our patients to review their medications regularly and obtain refills during a scheduled appointment.

You may ask your pharmacy to fax us a prescription refill request. Your doctor will ensure that the refill is right for you and we will send it back to the pharmacy for processing. We are not responsible for pharmacy processing times.

You must be seen by your family doctor for renewal requests for narcotic or controlled prescriptions. Prescriptions for narcotics will not be refilled during urgent care clinic hours or a covering doctor.

If you are changing pharmacies please inform our front staff with the new pharmacy name, telephone and fax number information. We will update your chart so that any refill requests are sent to the correct pharmacy.

Walk In Medi Care Clinic welcomes all referrals. Please reach us at 407-237-0900